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​PTO Deposit Request Form
Please fill out this form completely.  If you make a spreadsheet, a copy attached to the deposit request is helpful.  Deposits can be given to Kyle Groves directly or provided to Paula Ketchel in the main office.  If you give a deposit to Mrs. Ketchel, please text or call Kyle Groves.
(***Please do not leave deposits in the Treasurer Binder.)

Check Request Form
Please fill out this form completely.  Attach any receipts or invoices.  If there are multiple receipts, it is always helpful to show your math on how you came up with the grand total (Common Core for adults).  If you have a receipt that includes PTO and personal items (if possible get separate receipts) please clearly mark what is PTO or otherwise.  Place completed forms in the front pocket of the Treasurer Binder located in the office mailroom (near the teacher inboxes, in the upper right corner) or give directly to Kyle Groves.

Del Dayo Elementary School Annual Dinner & Auction Forms​

Ad Order Form
Donor Form (email)

Donor Form (print)
Event Sponsor Form

Family Sponsor Form
Fixed Party Donor Form
Save the Date Letter

Ticket Form

Potential Donor Letter